About Sri Lanka Whales Watching

My Ceylon Adventures team group of real spirit nature, wildlife and adventure. Our operation conducting according to International Whaling Commission. We are practices ethical and ensure best practices of the industry.

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka is amazing activity in Sri Lanka Holiday and it is wonderful experience. Whale watching in Sri Lanka things you must do in Sri Lanka Holiday. Sri Lanka surrounded in the Indian Ocean and it is exciting holiday destination in the world. Sri Lanka is wonderful Whale Watching sanctuary in the planet and Fishermen, Research records reveal spotted Blue, Bryde’s and Fin Whales around Sri Lanka Ocean. Sri Lanka Coast is amazing whale watching sanctuary.

Worldwide marine zoologies have counted some 86 cetacean species (the actual numbers varies depending on various taxonomic controversies). Confirmed sightings of 26 of these have been made in Sri Lankan waters, with a further three tentatively identified; in all, 13 species of whales, 15 species of dolphin and one porpoise species are believed to be found near or around Sri Lanka at various times of year.

The Blue Whales, Fin Whale, Sperm Whales, Bryde’s Whales are permanent residence whales in South Coast and usually those whales able to spot in South Coast.  Humpback Whale and Killer Whales are migrating whales. The migrating whales are able to spot December to February period.

Russo’s Dolphin, Bottle nose Dolphin, Rough-Tooth Dolphin, Spinner Dolphin and Fin less Porpoise are commonly available in Sri Lanka Coast.

Boat Specification and Facilities  

Our Boat Specification

St.Anthony Boat is 40 feet long and 200 hp Mitsubishi engine. It is “Blue Star” category Boat. 30 fixed chairs and 10 people can accommodate Upper deck (maximum capacity 50 people but we host only 40 passengers per trip)

Boat Facilities  

  • Washroom
  • Kitchen
  • Ice Box
  • Life Jackets every passenger and recue life rings
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Radio Communication
  • Fixed chairs and sunbath in upper deck.
  • First Aid Facilities and Sea sick medicines
  • Professional Team
  • Emergence Boat on call.

Whale Watching Operation in South Coast

We are operating two locations in South Coast, it is Galle and Mirissa.

Galle is much more convenient who located from Negombo to Unawatuna. Galle Whale Watching operations start at 6 a.m. and it is 4 – 7 hours operation.

Mirissa located 40 Km away from Galle and Whale Watching Boat starts at 6.30 a.m.

Status of Cetacean Families in Sri Lanka water

Family Name Confirmed Unconfirmed Total
Rorquals 5 1 6
Sperm Whales 3 3
Beaked Whales 3 1 4
Blackfish 5 5
Oceanic Dolphins 10 10
Porpoises 1 1
Total 26 3 29