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Importance of our Whale watching Service


We are continuously training our Whale Watching Team periodically and they have accomplished Firefighting, First Aid, Stewarding, Zoology, Lifeguard and Rescue management.
Every day monitoring how the operation takes place and doing adequate fine-tuning in Whale Watching Operation. Periodically we are conducting self-assessments and “health & safety” audits for avoid operation failures.
QD (Quality of Delivery) Programme […]

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What is a Whale?

What is a Whale?
Whales, dolphins and porpoises are large mammals that live in water. They all belong to the same animal group, called cetaceans and are found in oceans, seas and big rivers around the world.
Whale or Fish?
Whales, dolphins and porpoises have flippers, fins and flukes for moving through water. Their bodies are similar in […]

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Getting the best out of your marine mammal encounters

While the best chances of success lie with a booking aboard a well-managed commercial expedition, many people prefer a more relaxed, personalized experience. Should you choose to organize your own expedition, it is highly advisable to have at least one experienced whale-watching hand aboard. Ideally, this person should be able to take command of your […]

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