1. Professionalism.

We are continuously training our Whale Watching Team periodically and they have accomplished Firefighting, First Aid, Stewarding, Zoology, Lifeguard and Rescue management.

Every day monitoring how the operation takes place and doing adequate fine-tuning in Whale Watching Operation. Periodically we are conducting self-assessments and “health & safety” audits for avoid operation failures.

QD (Quality of Delivery) Programme – every whale watching tour ends we will take customer feedback report and internally analyze areas we are have to improve and level of satisfaction.

We are recruiting real spirit of hospitality oriented People.


  1. Competitive prices

We are the offering best price for whale watching of the industry and our prices are affordable to all and it is value for money. We never apply price discrimination and it is equal price for all.

  1. Safety and Security.

We are providing life jackets every passenger and tube rings. Boat has Radio communication facility, Fire extinguishers, First Aids, GPS and whale watching team trained safety, firefighting and rescue management.  Two time of the day monitoring Boat engine performance and every day before leave the harbor re-check the boat, equipment and boat engine again for ensure superior service to all our customers.

Rescue boat available any emergency situation. We are emphasis on customers’ satisfaction; therefore we are dedicated delightful our clients holiday in Sri Lanka. All our customers are insured and we will take the 100% responsibility, if anyone gets injured during the holiday.

  1. Flexibility and Capacity.

We are capable enough to operate Whale and Dolphin Watching operations in various locations. We are capable enough handle any amount of customers within minimum notification period of time and any part of the island. We are small enough to customize the activities and big enough to take over any amount of people.

  1. Best practices and responsible Tourism.

 We are highly concern about sustainability of tourism and community protection hence ensures to avoid negative impact conducting the operations. As a responsible company promoting and encouraging “Green Tourism” in Sri Lanka. As a part of our CSR programme 3% of profit debiting to Rural Schooling Children’s sports activities developments. Our team voluntarily working rural schools and monitoring resources utilization and educating, sharing ideas for improve they are sports skills.

We are giving opportunity local people involve with our operation and earn sustainable income with us.

We are offering equal opportunities all of them develop the career with us.

  1. Comfortability

My Ceylon Adventures “St.Anthony” boat newly built boat and capacity 50 passengers at a time but board only 40 maximum of people, because we want keep more space to freely move around the boat.

Our boat has Comfortable chairs, toilets & washroom, kitchen, chilled beverages storage facilities.

  1. Foods and Beverages

We are providing action Breakfast on the boat with Tea and Coffee because our operation start at 6 a.m. early morning and passengers are coming various location and most of them start to travel 4 a.m. – 5 a.m. so technically none of Hotels do not offer Breakfast such time. Therefore our valuable customers convenient we will offer perfect Breakfast on the boat without any additional cost (it is included the package)

Chilled beverages such as soft drinks and Beers are available at reasonable price.