Of the many actions to do on a beautiful isle such as Sri Lanka, whale watching is something which has gained considerable popularity recently. Being surrounded by the ocean, the island is blessed enough to possess not one, but a number of coastal regions where the sighting of the magnificent sea mammal is possible and has been experienced with pleasure by many. In fact, the island has grown into among the most popular destinations for whale viewing.

Initially, it was believed that Trincomalee, the eastern coastal region of Sri Lanka was the spot to view whales and dolphins. But the later realization or rather the development of this theory which whales cross from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea, the path that incidentally traversed across the southern coast, led to numerous coastal areas being identified as maximal regions with this awe inspiring experience.

Mirissa and Dondra Point down south as well as the Alankuda beach in Kalpitiya are a few of the best locations to undertake this exciting expedition.

An ideal holiday adventure for the entire family, a typical whale watching expedition begins early in the morning at around 6 AM. The most well-known places offer specifically arranged vessel rides which take in visitors by boat and provide breakfast on board as well. It’s suggested to wear plenty of sunscreen and anything to avoid the sea sickness would be convenient! A fantastic camera with loads of memory can allow you to catch some fantastic sightings without regret and let you share your whale encounters with loved ones overseas. An experience with this mighty sea monster is truly an incredible experience. The sight of this unbelievable mammal that rises sharply from the sea, while creating its strange sound is an experience that cannot be described easily.

Watching dolphins is a somewhat different experience since these cute creatures often wish to get near people.
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