Whale watching season is in winter and spring. Southern hemisphere winter and spring, i.e. April -November. From April to mid-August you can see Humpback whales going north to give birth and mate in the waters of the Coral Sea. In spring (September-November) Humpback whales are going back South to the Antarctic feeding ground for the southern hemisphere summer. Some whales like the Southern Right Whales do not migrate north or South, they usually move along the coastline seeking places to mate and shelter with their newborn calves. There are more different kinds of whales you can see in Sydney, but they are much rear then Humpback whales or Southern Right Whale.

If you are in Sydney during whale migration/mate season you probably will be considering go for whale watching tour. There is a bunch of companies which organizing tours like Bass and Flinders Cruises, Sydney Ocean Adventures, True Blue Cruises, OZ Jet Boating, and others. But you could consider whale watching without a boat. During nice and calm days there are places where it is possible to see whales from the shore. The only thing you need – binoculars. Best and easily accessible places are North and South Heads. There are high cliffs out there and it makes a very good place for observation. South Head is my preference, as there is a trail along the coast and you can walk almost all way down to Bondi Beach which Southern Right Whales like to visit from time to time.

Now when you know the best places, what about the best time for whale watching? I had the same question some time ago, so decided to do some research and find out whales sightings in the past. I checked whale sightings for the last three and half year, but it is clearly visible two peeks in the season. Especially these peaks were distinct last (2008) year. In June/July Humpback whales migrating North for breeding. From the end of September until December they are going back South. At this time of year females with newborn calves usually are seen closer to shore