Whale Watching in Hervey Bay is regarded as the very best place on earth for visiting the humpback Whales. The professional fleet of whale watch operators at Hervey Bay is ready to give you a exceptional experience. Unlike most other areas, the whales do not simply pass by but input the bay and stay here in order to play and rest.

Being exceptionally curious, they frequently approach the whale watching vessels and set up a screen of jumps and dives as if they intentionally attempt to please the human spectators as far as possible!We offer you a vast array of package deals for whale viewing and lodging.

And also we provide you advice about whale viewing and the Humpback whales that go to Hervey Bay for a break during their annual migration between their feeding region about Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef. Have a look at the various boats and accommodations and book your own whale watching tour so you can come and watch the whales for yourself.

Whale Watching in Hervey Bay provides not only great up close encounters whit the whales, but also occurs from the sheltered waters of Fraser Island so your whale watch adventure is most often a very smooth one.